Thursday 31 January 2013

ICM Studios Demolishes Building!

I hope you enjoy our latest addition to the library of destruction! Yet again, we have used Fracture-FX to simulate the demolition. I can't recommend a better plug-in for Maya to fracture and destroy your assets. you can get the software at The shot was rendered with Mental Ray and comped in Nuke. I used motion vectors to add the motion blur as well as adding a little depth of filed using Mental Ray's depth pass. A little bit of colour correction and lens distortion was added too.

Saturday 12 January 2013

New ICM Studios Idents coming soon!

I have started working with Jonathan Hearn on some new ideas for some Idents for ICM Studios. We are in the early stages of production but we should have something in the next couple of weeks :)

Below is a previous test Ident I created using Maya, Fracture-FX and Renderman Studio.

It should be fun :)