Friday 6 June 2014

A little bit of Depth! Tabby Cat

Luckily Dennis(my tabby cat) was in the mood to have a camera shoved in his face and I managed to get some nice footage of him.
Shot on a Nikon D5200 with an Nikon 18-55mm lens. The focal length was set to 55mm. The ISO was set to 1600.
It was shot using a Eimo DSLR Rig (although I was just propping it on the table!). I should have mounted it on a tripod but I might not have got the footage I wanted at the time!
RV Solo ( was used to quickly scrub through and review the footage and Adobe SpeedGrade was used to do the Final Grade.
I am happy with the outcome, however, the use of a tripod and a bit better focusing would be the goal for the next one!
Oh yes, I am still working on this the hanging woman VFX shot. A new plate has been done, just need to matchmove etc first before I put up a new version of the shot. For now, here is a frame from the latest shoot:)