Tuesday, 17 November 2009

MKK Sports Website is now Live

MKK Sports website is now Live, I have just finished developing it (The main website - the shop and designer was built by someone else). It has a user friendly design (I hope) and the CMS (Content Management System) I build I have been told is easy to use.

Check it out - click on the image below:
MKK Sports Website built by ICMStudios


Tom Dow said...

Very impressive work! Did you do the CSS and Javascript, too?

ICM said...

Hi Tom,
Sorry for the late reply. Thank you, I did all the CSS and the small bit of javascript on the main site but the shop and designer sections of the website was done by two other people.
I have been keeping an eye out on your sketch crawls - looking really great.

Hope things are going well for you at MPC, and I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year too :)